Can Dogs Eat Oats?

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Can Dogs Eat Oats?

Have you ever wondered can dogs eat oats? Have you seen a yummy dog treat recipe containing oats, but you’re not too sure?

The least processed oats are great for your pup in moderation. Try steel-cut or rolled.

For dogs who are sensitive to wheat and grains, they’re a great way to provide slow-burning carbohydrates too. Just stay away from instant or flavoured oats, as most are full of sugar. 

Always make sure you cook oats prior to feeding, as dogs can’t break down lactose in the same way we can.

All Oats Aren’t Equal

Oats are processed in different ways, and some are healthier than others. Steel-cut oats are the least processed, making them the best choice for humans and dogs.

They are full of fibre and great for gut health, hormones and keeping your dog fuller for longer. Oats are packed with vitamin B, which helps release energy from carbohydrates. 

Rolled oats are also full of fibre and amino acids and are a great source of protein. They are also fine to feed to dogs.

Oats for Skin and Coat Health 

The antioxidants in oatmeal may help to calm inflammation, itchy skin and irritation. Oats can help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They work from the inside out, calming intestinal inflammation and providing fibre.

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Try An Oat bath

A good home remedy for dry, itchy skin is to give your dog an oat bath. Place a muslin bag containing a cup of oats into a warm bath and let your dog soak in it for around 15 minutes. This can be done every three weeks for the best results. If your pup isn’t a bath lover, try spot-treating the worst patches with an oatmeal paste.

Oat Shampoos For Dogs

Never try to treat your dog’s skin condition with ‘human’ shampoo. The added chemicals are far too harsh, and your pup’s skin is different to ours. Buy oat pet shampoos containing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and tea tree oil for the best calming effects. Try a tepid bath too, as hotter water can cause further skin dryness.

How To Feed Your Dog Oats

Again, always provide cooked oats for your dog. Oats are far too dry to be eaten on their own too, so the water will help soften them. 

Try sprinkling a handful of cooked oats over their regular food. They should only have one tablespoon for every twenty pounds of their weight. Limit this to once or twice a week as oats are a carbohydrate and therefore calorie dense.

Oat Dog treats

Another way you can sneak some oats into your dog’s diet is to feed them some wholesome natural dog treats. Try a homemade recipe or some from a reputable dog snack company – double-check the ingredients for additives though.

Homemade dog treats can be fun to bake and you know exactly what’s going into them. You can even bake them in dog-related shapes with some inexpensive doggy cutters!

Takeaway – Can Dogs Eat Oats?

  1. Only ever serve cooked oats to your dog.
  2. Steel-cut is the best choice – if not rolled oats are fine.
  3. Never try instant or flavoured oats – they are full of sugar and additives.
  4. Oats contain a whole range of nutrients, fibre and skin-calming properties.
  5. They can help to relieve intestinal inflammation and help with bowel movements.
  6. Try a warm oat bath or oatmeal dog shampoo if your dog has itchy or dry skin.

I hope this post has helped if you’ve wondered can dogs eat oats?

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