easy homemade veggie casserole recipe

Easy Veggie Casserole For Dogs

Glen Gallon

I found this simple and easy veggie casserole for dogs recipe when I was researching Tigga’s (Happy Glen) parents. His father, Glen Gallon, was one of the top greyhound racers in Australia, raking in around $595,000 for his trainer Tony Brett. Tony’s mum makes the stew a few times a week for the racers at Brett’s property at Grantchester, Qld. If the stew’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for my two retirees.

I’m not a big fan of greyhound racing after hearing so many horror stories concerning the industry. Tony’s approach, though, seems to be quite different. His dogs are treated well and even as part of the family. Glen Gallon is now retired and is kept as one of the family pets.

A weird coincidence. When looking at Lottie’s adoption papers, I again saw Glen Gallon listed as her father too. He was a busy boy!!

Feeding My Dogs

easy homemade veggie casserole

I usually feed my dogs a good quality kibble – I prefer grain-free, as Tigga has an incredibly sensitive stomach and is quite picky. Lottie, on the other hand, is food-driven!

My dogs are fed twice a day – some kibble with either high-quality lean mince, chicken, tuna or sardines, and a selection of cooked veggies. Keep in mind foods that are dangerous for dogs of course. For a healthy gut, I’ll add some unsweetened yoghurt. They also LOVE the occasional ice cream too – everything in moderation.


Jenny Brett’s Easy Veggie Casserole For Dogs

dog casserole recipe
Front view of orange pumpkin isolated on black background, studio shoot, copy space, empty space for text, detailed pumpkin

So now to this simple, but nutritious dog stew recipe.




 Pasta or noodles

 Seasonal veggies



Chop up silverbeet, pumpkin and veggies, place in a pot with water and bring to the boil.

Simmer for until veggies are nearly soft – add pasta or noodles until cooked.

Serve warm with a cup of soaked kibble and beef.

If you have any recipes for easy veggie casserole for dogs please share them in the comments below x

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